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Christine and Collin | Surprise Proposal


I was six years old when Christine was born. I remember it clearly. I had a mullet with bangs (this was super hot in the 90s so judge all you want now).  I was wearing a floral print dress. And I was the first person to hold her.

From then on she was my baby doll, my real life barbie that I got to change and dress up and play with. Having a sister so much younger than me allowed me to stay a kid that much longer. I got to play games with her when I was in my younger teens that my other friends had already stopped playing.

I could give example after example but the point is that Christine and I were the best of friends growing up. Still are.

And now, she is engaged. WHAT??? That is so insane to me. My little sister is engaged!!!

AND I WAS THERE TO PHOTOGRAPH HER SURPRISE PROPOSAL. Collin planned out the whole thing. And then changed the plan multiple times. Christine kept prying. She kept guessing. She knew it would be soon but she didn't know exactly when.

The day Collin proposed she had no idea what was about to happen. She had already written it off that it wouldn't happen till after she graduated MTSU a week later.

I drove up from Memphis to Murfressboro with one of her best friends (and my two kids!) (and my parents).

Collin had told us a general time and location. I felt like I was on a where's waldo mission. We constantly were looking around trying to see where they would be walking from to the spot Collin had picked out.

Well enough talking- I have pictures to tell you the story...


 We were stationed on campus at MTSU.

 Abby, my helper!


 Wait, did you say she was coming from a different direction? Another one of Christine and Collin's friends who was set up to record the whole thing.

 Do we look like college students studying???

 Taking this job very seriously














































 Here Christine was telling us that our 'studying' spot was very weird and she never had seen anyone in that spot before.




We decided to reenact the proposal for some up close shots. They aren't very good actors. Haha.













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