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Sarah Bleau | Bridals



I met Sarah in 2008 in college at the University of Memphis. She was introduced to my little group of 'people' when she started hanging out with the brother of one of my friends. She was one of those people that I would label as 'cool' and 'popular'.  I was neither of those things. She was crazy intellect and sharp as a whip. Of course, she was beautiful. 

After about another semester or two I would randomly see her on campus here and there again. I was always surprised when she would remember who I was and ask how things were going. She graduated a year or two before I did and we didn't see each other again except through random facebook posts that would pop up in my newsfeed.

She was, however, following my Elizabeth Hoard Photography page. She would consistently like my pictures I posted.  When she got engaged to Brad I liked her post, said congratulations, and left it at that. (I have to be REALLY careful not to post overzealous congratulations on engagement posts because of my job. I don't want to be one of those obnoxious people who always say 'I know a good wedding photographer....') Besides, BOTH Brad and Sarah worked at Fox News Channel 13. They knew TONS of photographers. I didn't stand a chance.

Soon after she got engaged I got a message in my inbox:

"Hey lady! While I'm shopping for wedding photographers I have an initial question for you...."

After I told her how excited I was she messaged me she followed up by saying, 'Haha! You were one of the first people I thought of..."

This wedding, this couple, is one that is very close to my heart and always will be. Sarah and Brad booked me a little over 6 months after I started my business. They looked at me and picked me when I was a little nobody. That means the whole world to me and I will never forget that.

Part of Sarah's package was a bridal session. We had the TREMENDOUS honor to shoot at the abandoned Tennessee Brewery all thanks to Sarah. Sarah had run into the owner at a news conference. She mentioned she was doing her bridals coming up and dropped how amazing it would be to do them at the Brewery. The owner told her that essentially because she was a woman of integrity and fair reporting he would personally let us into the brewery and give us a tour of the entire place.

And he did just that.  After, he told me that it is very possible that we were the last people (with permission) to shoot in the Brewery before it shut down officially for renovations.

Some of Sarah's bridals you see here will actually be hanging on the walls of the Brewery once it is completed. (WOW)

So without further ado, ENJOY!



























































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