Memphis Wedding Photographer
Memphis Wedding Photographer
Memphis Wedding Photographer

 A Complete Look Into Weddings: Start to Finish 

Start to finish? What does that mean? Glad you asked.

Looking for a wedding photographer can get overwhelming. You see that a photographer can take good pictures outside but what about inside? You see lots of portraits but what about receptions? You see the details but what about the actual getting ready? You see some ceremony but what about the family formals? I am so excited that this page is going to show you samples from the sections of the wedding day that aren't normally shown off on a portfolio. Start to finish.

Wedding Detail Shots

 Rings, shoes, dresses. All of your details are an extension of your love story. From the colors you picked to the style you choose to feature - all of it shows off the two of you! I usually spend about 30 minutes capturing your detail shots. As your day goes on I will also get details of your ceremony and reception spaces. A lot of times I get to them before your guests to but even with guests in those spaces I can get some stunning images that reflect your hearts through the design.

Getting Ready

 A lot of your time on your wedding day is spent getting ready for your big moment. This is a great time for candid shots between you and your friends as well as any family that might be helping you get ready. My focus here is to capture these moments as they happen naturally while helping keep us on schedule. I usually spend about an hour taking pictures of you getting ready.

flatlay wedding invitaton with florals and gold accent leaves
bridesmaids dresses hanging on golden rack together
wedding flatlay with wedding rings
wedding shoes and florals
wedding rings in a beautiful display
bride looking at wedding gown
wedding flatlay
small vases that hold florals
lace wedding gown on vintage fireplace
wedding perfume
black and white wedding flatlay
vintage rings on vintage glasss bottles
wedding gown hanging at Mallard's Croft
wedding gown hanging outside mountain resort
bouts all together
Anna & Landon - Elizabeth Hoard Photography (6 of 125)
wedding day heels
rings in a beautiful ring box
colorful vintage flatlay
wedding day perfume
wedding shoes
white and green wedding bouquet
colorful wedding invitations in a beautiful flatlay
wedding rings
wedding rings stacked together
dress hanging from speaker wall

First Look or First Touch

These moments are perhaps some of my favorite moments. People decide to see each other before their actual ceremony for any number of reasons - I will help walk you through some of those reasons so you can decide which way you want on your wedding day. The first look doesn't just happen with the spouse. Many opt to do a first look with their fathers or bridesmaids.

Memphis Wedding Photographer


I could do pages and pages of my favorite shots from your ceremony. This is actually what all of the other pictures support- the big moment- the 'I do's'. Often times ceremonies can have harder lighting to shoot in or have extra rules on where I can or cannot stand. I work around these limits to give you the best possible pictures of your wedding ceremony. Need help on when to start your ceremony based off the best lighting? I can help with that during your consult!

Ceremony Pictures From Elizabeth Hoard Photography, Memphis Wedding Photographer
Mallard's Croft Wedding Venue, The Florian Glass Chapel,
Ceremony Pictures From Elizabeth Hoard Photography, Memphis Wedding Photographer
Memphis Wedding Photographer

Family Formals

This is one of the most overlooked sections in wedding photography. A lot of wedding photographers dread this part and their images reflect that. To me- this section is the part that your children and grandchildren to come will spend the most time looking at. I am proud of my family formals & the system I use to run through them. I often get told that my formals were the least painful family formals they have ever seen.  Regardless of your family size I am able to complete these images in no more than twenty minutes.

Family Formals From Elizabeth Hoard Photography, Memphis Wedding Photographer

Wedding Party Formals

 Pictures with your bridesmaids and groomsmen should not only be beautiful but should also show off the personality of your crew. My process helps cultivate that in a quick, fun way. If you did a first look then we would do all of the pictures before your ceremony. If you didn't do a first look then we would do most of these pictures before and the remaining after.

The Reception and Exit

Believe it or not, receptions are also an overlooked area by a lot of different photographers- mainly because many don't know how to properly light during the reception to capture high quality images. I come equipped with all the lighting I need to capture your moments regardless of how dark the reception space may get.

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Bonus Section: Your Formals

Throughout the rest of my website are tons of stunning portraits of my couples together. So if you haven't already done so go take a look throughout my other pages.

Each of my couples are talking and interacting with each other throughout their portraits. I think I am pretty funny, ha...but the joy that is captured is because of the two of you. Don't know what to say? Don't worry, I help with all of that by giving you talking points and direction. I do a healthy mix of candid, traditional, and editorial styled shots in this time. I also make sure to fluff your dress and fix your hair while watching for overall flattering posing.


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